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First Degree Fandom Obsessed
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for cold hands

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Last sunday I had a tea party with my friends. The theme that we had was royals, so I needed to step up a bit with my sweet lolita closet to make a mature-ish coord with this amazing dress! I think it turned out great ^_^

The tea party was a succes! And I can’t wait to go to the next meet up!!

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Prism Mermaid Sailor Collar ~Pink~

Night ocean of magic.
Glitters broken off from moon, stars and milky way float on the sea waves.
Spirits of magical sea and twinkling milky way mingled with teardrops and scales of mermaid created this enchanting sailor collar
Please surround your shoulder with this piece of shimmery magic ☆

Sparkly pink sailor collar with sparkly lavender borders and a detachable pink organza bow ♪

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i am lazy and impatient but free! is over so whats the point

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want this moment burned on my eyelids

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TastyCas’s commission of Priest!Cas and Cowboy!Dean.

Done in PS CS6 in around 20 hours.

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Art by karadin →


Hey everyone! So while playing I was struck with the thought that whenever the game ends, and thankfully it won’t end for some time, if it ends with a wedding showing the boy you picked out and your Candy in an epilogue of some kind, what kind of dress would it be?

With each of the boys many know…

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safetypinnedsammy | Castiel

Y/N: Wow, that’s a really powerful smell…Is that your cologne, Cas?

Castiel: Uh, yes. I think may have sprayed a bit too much.